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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode very slow on first XOVER

First I'm adding back in the conversation leading up to this.  I'm 
speaking first, then Matthew...

> >> > I've often wished for either a daemon or a program that could be
> >> > invoked from cron whose only purpose is to scan the entire news
> >> > tree on a regular basis and make sure the .overview files are up to
> >> > date.
> >>
> >> You can run texpire for now, it does more than just fixing overviews
> >> though.
> >
> > Yes, that's the other way I've been dealing with this, but it means
> > going into the config file and diddling the expire times, then
> > un-diddling afterwords.
> Why?

Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Matthias Andree wrote:

> "Michael O'Quinn" <michael@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > So I don't expire something I don't WANT expired.  I don't have enough
> > disk space to keep everything a long time - some of the larger groups are
> > expired almost immediately after they are read, so I have to keep a close
> > watch on it.
> >
> > Since the exact heuristic used by texpire isn't all that clear, I have to
> > bump up all the groupexpire's just to make sure.  I've been burned by this
> > one more than once.
> Can you give more details on the "burned" issue? What exactly happened?
> What's your configuration (weed out passwords!)?

This all started when I was first getting to know leafnode.

The original problem on my end that prompted this discussion in the first 
place was that fetchnews did not always seem to update it's XOVER 

That has been fixed now, so I'm happy.

The "burned" I was speaking of was simply that sometimes texpire deleted
articles before I wanted them to be deleted.  It really wasn't a bug so
much as the way I was using the program.

What I do now is that groups I'm reading on an ongoing basis are set with
reasonable expire times and left alone.  

Groups that I harvest I have set groupexpire = 0.  When I want to get
something from one of those groups, I touch the groupename in
interesting.groups, run fetchnews however many times it takes until either
the spool is nearly full or there are no more articles to get, then suck
'em up into my newsreader, and finally run texpire to free the disk space.

I'm just taking a lot more care how I manage the config file, so I 
haven't had any problems relating to this lately.

Also, I have a bigger drive on order, and that will help a lot.

Michael O'Quinn

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