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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire isn't working

Doug Laidlaw schrieb am Sonntag, den 24. März 2002:

> OK Matthias.  You were doing so well at reading English that I didn't realize 
> that you weren't fluent.

Hum, thanks, but it's not that I'm not fluent, it might have been too
terse in my native language as well ;-)

> Second question first: the options in /etc/fstab/ for the ReiserFS partitions 
> are:
> 	reiserfs notail 1 2
> These are the distro's default settings.  I had no particular reason to 
> choose ReiserFS except that it was available, and the general opinion seemed 
> to be that it was a Good Thing.  I don't really understand it.

That's ok and these settings should not cause any harm. "notail" makes
reiserfs faster because it switches off merging file "tails". Usually,
ReiserFS merges "tails" of files that are less than 16 kB in size to
save disk blocks in the file system (4 kB in size, usually), but that
costs some time, particularly when writing.

> As regards the first point:
> I have Leafnode 1.9.20.rc6 running under Mandrake Linux 8.1.  When I raised 
> this earlier I was running a CyrixInstead 6x86.  That system regularly did 
> strange things.  I now have a Pentium II at 233 MHz with no change in this 
> particular behaviour.
> My /etc/leafnode/config is perfectly standard.  Apart from setting the 
> upstream servername,  the only change I have made is to turn on delaybody.
> I have not set any groupexpire times.
> My newsreader is Knode with default settings.  These are to keep read 
> articles 10 days and to keep unread articles 15 days.  As an experiment, I 
> turned off "Expire old articles automatically" with no effect on this 
> problem.  (KNode help doesn't mention this setting.  The default is ON.)

Does KNode copy articles to it's own spool? I'm totally verdant in terms
of KDE news readers. KNode however has no way to delete articles from
leafnode's spool. It could however misrepresent things, for example, if
it has bugs. I'm not telling that it has them, but that it can have
them, like any software.

> If I read (that's pronounced "reed") a newly downloaded article with Knode,  
> it is available only until I exit Knode.  Next time I look, it no longer 
> exists, and the article number has been deleted from the relevant list in 
> /var/spool/news.

OK. With delaybody mode, the behaviour is like this:
1. article headers are downloaded
2. as articles are read, they are marked for download, and you see a
   made-up article body that tells you this
3. when the article body is downloaded, the old article disappears and a
   new one appears (with a new number) and should be shown as "new".

However, I have never done research on how KNode interferes with our
schemes, but there have been some KNode reports. I need to try 

> This does not seem to be a problem involving texpire, which I can run 
> manually quite OK.  I am not sure whether it was there before I used 
> ReiserFS.  I was having other problems with Leafnode then, which have all 
> gone away.  I just thought that the new factor might be responsible.

Which is perfectly sane.

> I suppose that to pin it down, I should at least try another newsreader, but 
> i would prefer a GUI for normal use.

If you're after GUI newsreaders, try "Pan" or "Sylpheed" (use GTK+,
Sylpheed is also a mailer) or "knews" (which uses the XAthena widget
set, not KDE like the name suggests)

You can get pan from http://pan.rebelbase.com/ and Sylpheed from
http://sylpheed.good-day.net/, either may or may not ship with Mandrake

> I also need to generate some debug logs.

That may be very useful.

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