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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire isn't working/Mandrake kernel updates

Doug Laidlaw schrieb am Sonntag, den 24. März 2002:

> Thanks Pierre.  I tried removing "notail" from the /var partition, but that 
> made it unreadable.  I need to learn more before I fiddle.

Did you replace the word "notail" by "defaults" or "rw" or something or
did you just drop it? If you dropped it, "mount" is trying to pass the
number (1 IIRC) as mount option to reiserfs, and that fails.

If you have put "defaults" where "notail" was previously: that'd be a
kernel bug. The "notail" option only changes write behaviour and should
not have any impact on reading the partition.

BTW, as to the Mandrake problems that have been reported here, 
mentions that for 8.X, there are kernel, kernel-doc, kernel-headers,
kernel-source RPMs: if you upgrade the kernel to 2.4.8, you will also
have to update the iptables and iptables-v6 rpms and you should upgrade
at least the kernel-headers package.

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