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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire isn't working

On Sunday 24 March 2002 9:22 pm, you wrote:

> OK. With delaybody mode, the behaviour is like this:
> 1. article headers are downloaded
> 2. as articles are read, they are marked for download, and you see a
>    made-up article body that tells you this
> 3. when the article body is downloaded, the old article disappears and a
>    new one appears (with a new number) and should be shown as "new".
> However, I have never done research on how KNode interferes with our
> schemes, but there have been some KNode reports. I need to try

The Knode GUI doesn't list article numbers.  I select a downloaded message 
and read it.  Next time I look, I get a message such as:

"Article could not be retrieved.
The following error occurred:
430 No such article: 239

The article you requested isn't available on your newsserver.
You can try to get it from groups.google.com."

Article number 239 is actually missing from the spool.  It is not just a case 
of Knode hiding it.

Pan seems to store downloaded articles locally.  As far as I know, there is 
no such facility in Knode.  If it weren't for Leafnode, I would have to 
connect every time I want to read an article.



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