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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode and Pan

* Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> Hopefully the final instalment in this sage:
> I have just tried reading news with slrn (I don't have tin) reading the same 
> Leafnode spool as Knode, and all the missing articles are still there.  The 
> only thing that I can't understand is that in  /soc/genealogy/australia+nz 
> (to use the example in my last posting) the message number quoted by Knode is 
> not listed.  Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.  But if slrn works, who 
> cares?

Probably some explanation might help (not sure if it was said already):

Leafnode in delaybody mode fetches headers, virtually leaving the
article bodies empty.  Reading those (regularly stored) articles
makes leafnode fetch the bodies next time (storing the old article
numbers in interesting.groups/group.name).  This next fetchnews run
deletes the old (incomplete) articles and saves the complete articles
in the spool, with a new article number (since they should be increasing

This does not happen when not in delaybody mode.  The behaviour
described above might cause trouble with newsreaders that don't cope
with this way (seems to me Knode and PAN belong to these).  Suggest
turning off delaybody if that does not hurt you or using a different

BTW:  Switching from delaybody=1 to delaybody=0 _does_ prevent getting
outstanding bodies, so be careful.


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