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[leafnode-list] leafnode stable release 1.9.20.rel available


Leafnode 1.9.20, a new stable version, has been released.

After several months of bit rot due to the infamous "lack of time"
problem, Cornelius has for now handed over leafnode maintainership to
me, Matthias Andree. Leafnode 1.9 has undergone substantial
maintenance in February and March 2002, which led to a new stable
release 1.9.20. This release is a recommended upgrade from all prior
1.9.x versions.

The tarballs in .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 format, MD5 checksums and GnuPG
digital signatures are available from:

http://www.leafnode.org/      (Würzburg, DE) official website
http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/ (Dortmund, DE) website for development versions

The .tar.gz file has also been uploaded to Ibiblio's Linux archive
(http://ibiblio.org/Linux/) and is expected to be picked up soon.

To fix some bugs, behaviourial changes were unavoidable, do make sure
you read the INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES section of the NEWS file as well as
the UPGRADING section of the README file that ships with the leafnode
tarball -- some additional requirements to your system configuration
are present, if you don't mind these (and, as needed, change your
system configuration), leafnode may no longer work.

Ralf Wildenhues has contributed countless bug reports and high-quality
bug fixes, and he deserves as much merits as I do. Many users have
contributed their feedback, made suggestions, reported bugs, and I'm
grateful for their help.

leafnode 1.9.20 fixes several bugs that older versions suffered from,
among them was at least one major bug that could cause corruption of
the groupinfo file under high load (it has been observed when
newsreaders with off-line support start posting many articles at
once). The only real new feature is that fetchnews now has XOVER
support which speeds up complex filtering and can also be faster than
XHDR when your upstream is an INN server.

However, leafnode 1.9.20 now goes into maintenance mode, that means,
no features will be added (these all go into the 2.0 tree), only
bugfixes will be made as bugs are discovered.

- -- 
Matthias Andree

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