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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews: Falling back and regrouping.

Michael O'Quinn schrieb am Freitag, den 29. März 2002:

> Groupexpire and maxage are simply NOT the same thing.  Please don't try to 
> force together like this.

I must force the maxage to the groupexpire to prevent downloading seen
articles again. Especially for binary groups.

> I understand that, but artifically restricting what the user can read is 
> not the solution.

We're restricting downloads. It simply makes no sense to download
articles that expire right away. It gives confusion and "I already
downloaded this before the crash" -- it then expired, the message-id was
gone and the file was downloaded again.

> Actually, most newsreaders I've used keep track by the server's article
> number, not Message-ID.  And most of them remember forever.  On *nix many
> usereaders simply use ~/.newsrc, which just keeps growing and growing and
> growing...

That should have been Newsservers. They don't accept articles that are
older than their Message-ID data base. We're now doing the same in

> This has worked for many years.  Leafnode's SERVERNAME files records a 
> subset of this information, and it would be enough IF IT WORKED!!!!

It works. Show the logs so we can figure why leafnode messes up on your
system and we can fix out-of-synch conditions that I suspect currently.

> I don't want to see articles older than X days.

see != download.

> Please eliminate this monsterous bogosity.

Which way do we want to go? Fix for special case or fix for common case?

Leafnode is not a binary NNTP harvesting tool, was never intended to be,
and while I am maintaining it, it will not be. Leafnode a small S&F news

There are better ways to harvest junk groups, directly from the upstream
server. If you're after tools, check http://freshmeat.net/

With 1.9.21.pre1, you can still set maxage=3 to download only articles
no older than 3 days and have a groupexpire of 14. But not the other way
round, if you set a groupexpire of 3 and a maxage of 14, the groupexpire
overrides maxage to 3 for that particular group -- just because we do
not and we will not keep more state information (Message-ID) and because
we do not and will not change that in 1.9.x and because we do not and
will not guarantee updating the SERVERINFO file for each article

Matthias Andree

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