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Re: [leafnode-list] Corrupted articles with 1.9.20 rel

David Houlden wrote:
> I have installed 1.9.20 on my Linux box and am using it with knode and tin.
> When I read an article I get headers displayed in the article and messages
> such as -
> article retrieved - head follows
> article retrieved - body follows

I have seen this - you are using NTL's new caching news server from
Inktomi. It is very broken. The articles will return correctly when you do
"article 12345", *but* if you use "head 12345" and "body 12345" separately,
as leafnode does, NTL's cache returns corrupt data as you've seen. Try it
by hand and see!

The only solution is to go back to using news.ntlworld.com (or
news.cable.ntlworld.com) and doing frequent fetchnews runs to have a chance
to be one of the lucky 600 allowed to connect.

I've already complained to them about it a while back and had my call
logged. If you want to complain as well it might encourage them to do
something about it!

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