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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode on MacOS-X?

Rick Flower schrieb am Dienstag, den 02. April 2002:

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Well, BeroList corrupts MIME (essentially all folded lines, most
commonly multipart/* stuff like this). Do not send HTML or combined
HTML/plain text, simply send plain text without HTML. BTW, the charset
is a lie. It's US-ASCII and your Microsoft "Internet" Mail declares the
wrong content. Get a proper mailer please, you'll have more fun in the

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> Hi.. I've been stumbling around trying to get leafnode to work on OS-X
> without much success..
> It builds fine (with the exception of the configure script missing the need
> to link with getline.o), but
> when I run it, I'm unable to get it to write anything into the
> "interesting.groups" directory..  I've enabled
> the debug mode flag in the config file, and it refuses to behave any
> differently.  I get no additional
> information logged in the syslog files (/var/log/system.log)..
> I was able to fetch my groups without any problems, and my newsreader is
> able to connect but nothing
> beyond that.  I've set my directory permissions per the FAQ for the "news"
> directory.  When I double-click
> (from the newsreader) on a newsgroup name, nothing happens.. Any ideas?

Yes. Consult the manual of your newsreader, check how to subscribe to
groups (you may need to make it display unsubscribed groups), and then
subscribe to some groups and _read_ the leafnode placeholder in each of
these groups. This should fill your interesting.groups.

If that does not help, try:

1. telnet localhost 119
2. group some.news.group
3. head 1
4. group some.other.news.group
5. head 1
6. quit

And you should have some.news.group and some.other.news.group in
interesting.groups. If not, the permissions may hint to an installation
problem, but no installation problems have been reported recently, not
on MacOS X either.

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