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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.20.rel: make fetchnews more robust

Jonathan Larmour <jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have two little improvements to fetchnews. The first was revealed by an
> upstream server that returned a corrupt XOVER record. The result was that
> fetchnews would SEGV. The second is to make the use of maxage more
> consistent since there is just one place which takes account of maxage when
> it's 0. No one would actually want maxage to be 0, so it seems fair to make
> a value of 0 mean "no checking".
[patch dropped from quote]

Patch taken into 1.9.21.pre2 (yet unreleased).

> I have a feature request too: that fetchnews should be able to retrieve the
> entire article using ARTICLE, and not just using HEAD and BODY. One of my
> upstream servers has a buggy implementation of the latter that returns
> corrupt data (and I've complained :-|). Fortunately there's another I can
> use, but others may be in the same position since evidently ISPs don't
> check these things :-|.

I'll see how difficult that is. I'll only do it in 1.9.x if it's
trivial, because it's basically their fault and I don't want to add
features to "unwedge" broken third-party software.

Matthias Andree

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