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[leafnode-list] leafnode 1.9.21.rc1 available



because of a time zone bug which triggered now that many countries of
the northern hemisphere switched to daylight savings time, I'm putting
some pressure on the leafnode 1.9.21 release, and here's the first
release candidate, 1.9.21.rc1. Unless show stopper bugs are reported
within 24 hours, this will be the release version.

Leafnode 1.9.21.rc1 is immediately available as bzip2-compressed tar
archive (478 kB, including PCRE) or as a patch against leafnode
1.9.20.rel (13 kB) from


- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here's the current NEWS excerpt:

* 1.9.21, 2002-04-XX
- - leafnode never fetches articles that would be expired right away as
  per the current expire/groupexpire settings. Add "clamp_maxage = 0" to
  your configuration to restore the old behaviour.

- - no longer segfaults when the groupinfo file is empty (when the
  upstream servers are all unreachable).
- - gets time zone offset against GMT right.

- - leafnode never fetches articles that would be expired right away as
  per the current expire/groupexpire settings.
- - can recover state information from a SERVERINFO~ file left behind by a
  previous incomplete fetchnews run.
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here's the current ChangeLog excerpt (yeah I know that the mail
addresses in the change log suck, this will be fixed when I have decided
on which revision control system to switch to (from CVS), arch and
bitkeeper are in the play for now):

2002-04-05  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	=== release 1.9.21.rc1 ===
	* applyfilter.c: Work around bogus gcc warning "score might be

	* TODO: Reorder and drop Cornelius' applyfilter wish (now

	* TODO: Mark "update overview (applyfilter)" as done.
	* applyfilter.c: Update .overview after filtering, reported by
	Ralf Wildenhues.

	* nntpd.c: Add Jonathan Larmour to copyright.
	* leafnode.h: Add clamp_maxage.
	* configutil.c: Parse clamp_maxage.
	* configure.in: Change version from 1.9.21.pre2 to 1.9.21.rc1,
	short cutting because of the gmtoff bug.
	* config.example: Addition by Jonathan Larmour
	<jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx>: document that maxage=0 means "No checking".
	Matthias Andree: add clamp_maxage documentation.
	* TODO: update
	* NEWS: update
	* INSTALL: Add MacOS X PCRE build instructions.
	* fetchnews.c: Allow maxage manipulation -- newly introduced in
	1.9.21.pre1 -- to be suppressed with "clamp_maxage=0" in the
	configuration file.

2002-04-04  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* nntpd.c: Robustness fix by Jonathan Larmour
	<jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx>: save the group when rereading the active
	file. Fixes a SIGSEGV.

	* fetchnews.c: Robustness fix by Jonathan Larmour
	<jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx>: don't dereference NULL fields when parsing
	incomplete XOVER lines. Fixes SIGSEGV.

	* gmtoff.c: Former gmtoff() versions forced the DST flag to 0, so
	the gmtoff() calculation had the wrong offset in locales that use
	daylight saving time. Reported by Ralf Wildenhues.

2002-04-03  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.21.pre2.
	* applyfilter.c: Ralf Wildenhues: Remove artificial limit on
	header length -- new function readtodelim, terminate string
	correctly.  Fix usage description and a SEGV in case of wrong
	cmdline input.  Ralf Wildenhues: fix memory leak.

2002-03-29  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	=== release 1.9.21.pre1 ===
	* NEWS: Update.
	* fetchnews.8.in: Update XOVER information. Document that expire
	overrides maxage if maxage is higher.
	* TODO: Update.
	* fetchnews.c: Abort when ENOSPC is detected on fclose in
	getbody() or getgroup(). Problem reported by Michael O'Quinn.
	* texpire.c: Drop lookup_expire, now in configutil.c.
	* fetchnews.c: Clamp maxage to groupexpire/expire to prevent
	fetching duplicates. Reported by Michael O'Quinn.
	* configutil.c: Add "days" for expire entries.  Move
	lookup_expire() here (was in texpire.c).

	* config.h.in: Updated.
	* activutil.c: Fix uninitialized err use.
	* leafnode.h: Add "days" for expire entries.
	* activutil.c: Fix crash when no groupinfo data is
	present. Reported by Thorsten Gunkel.

	* mysetvbuf.c: New file. Wraps around setvbuf, taking care of

	* leafnode.h: Add lfindinlist, replaceinlist, mysetvbuf

	* configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.21.pre1. Add

	* Makefile.am: Add mysetvbuf.c.
	* miscutil.c: Add replaceinlist and lfindinlist functions.
	* fetchnews.c: Change SERVERNAME~ files in processupstream to line
	buffered mode. Roll in SERVERNAME~ into SERVERNAME if the ~ file
	is newer.
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Matthias Andree

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