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[leafnode-list] leafnode 1.9.21 stable release available



I am announcing the release of leafnode 1.9.21.rel, another release of
the stable 1.9.x series.

1.9.21 fixes a time zone issue newly introduced in 1.9.20, and contains
some fixes for bugs present in all earlier leafnode versions.

leafnode 1.9.21.rel is currently available from
http://leafnode.home.dhs.org/, and I hope it will appear on
www.leafnode.org soon.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here's the NEWS:

- - leafnode never fetches articles that would be expired right away as
  per the current expire/groupexpire settings. Add "clamp_maxage = 0" to
  your configuration to restore the old behaviour.

- - no longer segfaults when the groupinfo file is empty (when the
  upstream servers are all unreachable).
- - gets time zone offset against GMT right.
- - overview handling now detects when articles are removed from the
  "middle" of a group (i. e. which are not low or high water mark)

- - no longer trashes the article high water mark.

- - leafnode never fetches articles that would be expired right away as
  per the current expire/groupexpire settings.
- - can recover state information from a SERVERINFO~ file left behind by a
  previous incomplete fetchnews run.

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Here's the ChangeLog excerpt:

2002-04-08  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

        === RELEASE 1.9.21.rel (stable) ===
        * NEWS: Update.
        * TODO: Update.
        * applyfilter.c: Ralf Wildenhues: keep last newline in header for

        * configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.21.rel.

2002-04-05  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

        === release 1.9.21.rc2 ===
        * miscutil.c: Drop HAVE_GMTOFF trash, use gmtoff()
        instead. Suggested by Ralf Wildenhues.

        * configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.21.rc2. Drop HAVE_GMTOFF check

        * xoverutil.c: Properly rewrite .overview when articles have been
        removed that are not the first or last articles in the group,
        reported by Volker Apelt (against leafnode-2) and Ralf Wildenhues.

        * applyfilter.c: Do not reset group high water mark. (Reported by
        Ralf Wildenhues.)

        === release 1.9.21.rc1 ===
        * applyfilter.c: Work around bogus gcc warning "score might be

        * TODO: Reorder and drop Cornelius' applyfilter wish (now

        * TODO: Mark "update overview (applyfilter)" as done.
        * applyfilter.c: Update .overview after filtering, reported by
        Ralf Wildenhues.

        * nntpd.c: Add Jonathan Larmour to copyright.
        * leafnode.h: Add clamp_maxage.
        * configutil.c: Parse clamp_maxage.
        * configure.in: Change version from 1.9.21.pre2 to 1.9.21.rc1,
        short cutting because of the gmtoff bug.
        * config.example: Addition by Jonathan Larmour
        <jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx>: document that maxage=0 means "No checking".
        Matthias Andree: add clamp_maxage documentation.
        * TODO: update
        * NEWS: update
        * INSTALL: Add MacOS X PCRE build instructions.
        * fetchnews.c: Allow maxage manipulation -- newly introduced in
        1.9.21.pre1 -- to be suppressed with "clamp_maxage=0" in the
        configuration file.

2002-04-04  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

        * nntpd.c: Robustness fix by Jonathan Larmour
        <jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx>: save the group when rereading the active
        file. Fixes a SIGSEGV.

        * fetchnews.c: Robustness fix by Jonathan Larmour
        <jlarmour@xxxxxxxxxx>: don't dereference NULL fields when parsing
        incomplete XOVER lines. Fixes SIGSEGV.

        * gmtoff.c: Former gmtoff() versions forced the DST flag to 0, so
        the gmtoff() calculation had the wrong offset in locales that use
        daylight saving time. Reported by Ralf Wildenhues.

2002-04-03  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

        * configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.21.pre2.
        * applyfilter.c: Ralf Wildenhues: Remove artificial limit on
        header length -- new function readtodelim, terminate string
        correctly.  Fix usage description and a SEGV in case of wrong
        cmdline input.  Ralf Wildenhues: fix memory leak.

2002-03-29  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

        === release 1.9.21.pre1 ===
        * NEWS: Update.
        * fetchnews.8.in: Update XOVER information. Document that expire
        overrides maxage if maxage is higher.
        * TODO: Update.
        * fetchnews.c: Abort when ENOSPC is detected on fclose in
        getbody() or getgroup(). Problem reported by Michael O'Quinn.
        * texpire.c: Drop lookup_expire, now in configutil.c.
        * fetchnews.c: Clamp maxage to groupexpire/expire to prevent
        fetching duplicates. Reported by Michael O'Quinn.
        * configutil.c: Add "days" for expire entries.  Move
        lookup_expire() here (was in texpire.c).

        * config.h.in: Updated.
        * activutil.c: Fix uninitialized err use.
        * leafnode.h: Add "days" for expire entries.
        * activutil.c: Fix crash when no groupinfo data is
        present. Reported by Thorsten Gunkel.

        * mysetvbuf.c: New file. Wraps around setvbuf, taking care of

        * leafnode.h: Add lfindinlist, replaceinlist, mysetvbuf

        * configure.in: Bump version to 1.9.21.pre1. Add

        * Makefile.am: Add mysetvbuf.c.
        * miscutil.c: Add replaceinlist and lfindinlist functions.
        * fetchnews.c: Change SERVERNAME~ files in processupstream to line
        buffered mode. Roll in SERVERNAME~ into SERVERNAME if the ~ file
        is newer.

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Matthias Andree

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