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Re: [leafnode-list] Trouble with posting articles

Detlev Jaeckel (using leafnode-1.9.18) wrote:
> posting articles to the Server of my ISP does
> not work.


> Apr 11 18:24:11 mio fetchnews[1517]: <200 NewsCache 0.99.17, accepting NNRP 
> commands

Fetchnews checks whether the article is available upstream:

> Apr 11 18:24:11 mio fetchnews[1517]: >STAT <t9d49a.r71.ln@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>^M

NewsCache returns a wrong result; therefore fetchnews thinks the
article is already available upstream and refuses to post it:

> Apr 11 18:24:11 mio fetchnews[1517]: <223 0 <t9d49a.r71.ln@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> status

Updating to the current leafnode version (1.9.21) should help.


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