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Re: [leafnode-list] Small posting problem with

Leopold Toetsch <lt@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Sometimes leafnode doesn't post articles on the 1. fetchnews run, but
> only on the 2. run. I could not detect a logic behind this, but it may
> be related to if I did already read this posted article or not.

Short version:

Newsq is not suited to figure if an article has actually been posted.

Long version:

Both leafnode versions, 1.9.21 and 2.0b8_ma*, in their current versions
only delete the article from out.going if it is found to be already
available upstream. So it always takes two runs for the posts to clear
from out.going if you have only one server. If it takes two runs if you
have multiple upstream servers, depends on whether they share the group
you're posting to and on the propagation delay from the first to the
second server. NNTP servers feed rather fast, so a posted article may
"overtake" fetchnews, clearing the article from out.going in the first

> And 2. I would prefer the 1.9.x method, that the article first goes to
> the ISP and then is fetched from there, so I'm really sure, the article
> was posted.

Maybe as an option, I'll put this on my TODO list.

Matthias Andree

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