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Re: [leafnode-list] Small posting problem with

Leopold Toetsch schrieb am Freitag, den 12. April 2002:

> No, I have just one upstream. But, articles are first posted and might 
> or might not be ready depending on server load and on articles fetched 
> until this group is queried.

No, it takes two POSTING tries to clear from out.going. Seeing the
article is available in a group when downloading articles is NOT

> This would be a nice feature (I'm currently modifying articles before 
> posting, locally I have only the unmodified article)

I already considered adding filtering hooks, I believe these will be
able to share code with the rnews that is to come some time in the
distant future -- so with rnews, we may also get hooks to run programs
on articles. However, these may not be ready for 2.0.

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