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Re: [leafnode-list] fqdn validation

> This is going to cause problems for Debian since the default hostname
> doesn't include a domain part and one can't rely on gethostbyname()
> being able to extend the domain name.

Then a default Debian system will require modification before being able
to run leafnode. Leafnode asks to modify /etc/leafnode, and I believe
it's sufficient to let the dpkg output the hint if possible. The FreeBSD
port/package will also instruct the user to proceed at item #5 of the
INSTALL -- (x)inetd.conf and crontabs will have to be modified anyways.

> Even if the default configuration were changed (which I'm not
> particularly inclined to push for, though I'm not particularly against
> it happening) the package will still need to handle upgrades from
> existing systems.
> I think what I'm going to wind up setting the hostname in the
> configuration file to the hostname of the upstream news server or the
> mail domain (if there is one set).

This does not sound like a good idea: articles will be discarded at the
upstream because they already have its domain name in the "Path:"

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