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Re: [leafnode-list] fqdn validation

Mark Brown schrieb am Montag, den 15. April 2002:

> On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 11:53:12PM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Then a default Debian system will require modification before being able
> > to run leafnode. Leafnode asks to modify /etc/leafnode, and I believe
> What do you mean by "Leafnode asks"?

The error message:

Log and Console show this message:

Leafnode must have a fully-qualified domain name,
not just "debian".
Edit your /etc/hosts file to add a fully qualified domain name.

A NNTP client gets this instead (as single line):

503 Leafnode must have a fully-qualified domain name. Have its
administrator fix the configuration. More detail is in the logs.

> Currently Leafnode works pretty much out of the box on Debian - for most
> users things should be configured to a usable state during installation
> by the package scripts.  I'm trying to maintain this level of ease of
> use.

Yes. I'm not trying to counter this, but I need to make sure that
leafnode does not generate obviously invalid Message-IDs.

If Debian does not ask for a domain to put the computer in, then that's
something which needs to be made up for at leafnode install time. :-/

> > port/package will also instruct the user to proceed at item #5 of the
> > INSTALL -- (x)inetd.conf and crontabs will have to be modified anyways.
> inetd, tcpwrappers, PPP and cron are already handled in a 90% kind of
> fashion.
> [Using /etc/mailname or the upstream news server name]
> > This does not sound like a good idea: articles will be discarded at the
> > upstream because they already have its domain name in the "Path:"
> > header.
> Should be OK by the time the hostname has been pasted on the front.

Probably not. somehostname.hotmail.com is not much different from
hotmail.com when somehostname is "Amnesiac" or "Debian".

Mark, I understand that the best way to have a package installed (for a
user) is to just enter "apt-get leafnode" or "portinstall leafnode" or
something. How much effort would it cost you to ask a domain name from a
user in interactive mode install and write a message to the install log
and the console in batch mode install?

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