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[leafnode-list] problems with fetchnews (plain text)


i have installed leafnode on my linux box, running slakware 7,1 ...

followed the points in the INSTALL file and the news-HOWTO in /usr/doc which
basically followed the same points.

here are parts of my config file which are uncommented:


## This is the NNTP server leafnode fetches its news from.
## You need read and post access to it. Mandatory.
server = post.usenet.com

## Unread discussion threads will be deleted after this many days if
## you don't define special expire times. Mandatory.
expire = 4

## All the following parameters are optional

## Important and recommended setting:
## Fetch only a few articles when we subscribe a new newsgroup. The
## default is to fetch all articles.
## As leafnode forgets the article numbers of its upstream server when
## a group is marked as uninteresting, and later marked interesting
## again, you may end up downloading ALL articles from the upstream
## in that group. So uncomment and adjust this line:
initialfetch = 300

## Never fetch more than this many articles from one group in one run.
## Be careful with this; setting it much below 1000 is probably a bad
## idea.
maxfetch = 500


basically it fetches the list of groups perfectly, i use outlook express to
subscripbe to a group (tin doesnt find any of the groups???),
open it up and read the leafnode post...

when i next run fetchnews, it gives me this responce:


fusion:/var/spool/news# fetchnews -vvv
1.9.21.rel: verbosity level is 3
Trying to connect to post.usenet.com:nntp ... connected.
Getting new newsgroups from post.usenet.com
Reading server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/post.usenet.com
skipping articles 1-796 inclusive (initial limit)
airnews.alt.paranoia.black.helicopters: no new articles
Disconnected from post.usenet.com.


am i right in assuming that the initialfetch is the value that defines
initial limit?
i appologise if thise error has been sorted in the list before, but i
couldnt see any one else
with the same problem ;)

i left fetchnews runing on cron every hour over night and it didnt pick up
any new news articles ( ihad subscribed to about 7 newsgroups) by morning
any help would be appretiated :)

Kindest Regards
Jared Cassidy

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