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Re: [leafnode-list] fqdn validation

Mark Brown <broonie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I really don't think we're going to agree here - you appear to be
> extremely concerned about the possiblility of having duplicate message
> IDs while I am willing to trust the LHS of the message ID to be unique
> enough to avoid problems and don't believe that this is such a serious
> operational problem.

Well, I agree that it won't usually bite, but if it bites, it will be
hard to find. "Why is my post available before I sent it with
fetchnews?" will be the best question we can expect, and "leafnode is
crap, my posts get lost" a pretty bad one.

> Given your strongly expressed concerns I'll probably ask the user to
> either enter a hostname or take something produced from /dev/random (say
> the md5sum of a 512 byte block) in a domain allocated for the package
> (say autohost.leafnode.debian.net).  Hopefully this will be sufficiently
> unique for you?

I think it will -- but don't take 512 bytes from /dev/random (it's
totally empty then), just 16. Maybe add hostid, boot time and current

> For those users generating a message ID in the first place is a mistake
> anything you do to try to make the message ID unique is just working
> around the problem - you should just punt to the upstream server.  Of
> course, this breaks for more advanced setups but requiring the
> additional configuration there is OK - more advanced setups ought to
> have more advanced users.

Sure. A solution that just comes to mind is that the Message-ID be only
generated when the article is posted. However, if the server does not
recommend a Message-ID (plain INN don't), that's not going to work

Matthias Andree

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