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[leafnode-list] missing messages

I'm using leafnode 1.9.19 with mutt 1.3.28 and the vvv.nntp patch. So
far it's been great, it's just what I was looking for. Suddenly, though,
I am only seeing 10% or so of some of the newgroups I read regularly
(and which I've been saving). It's as if they had started over from

I'm not sure which config settings might be involved here, so I
picked a few that looked pertinent:

expire = 365
maxfetch = 10000
initialfetch = 100
maxage = 365
timeout_long = 365

The messages haven't moved from their homes in /usr/local/spool/news,
they just aren't accessible from my newsreader.

Any idea what's happened?

Thanks much.

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