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[leafnode-list] File mode in spool area

After some upgrade or other, I've found that the the typical file in
leafnode's spool has gone from

    664  news:news
    600  news:news

I'm sorry, I can't pin this down to what particular upgrade (but I am
running 2.0b8_ma10pre2

grepping through the man pages for leafnode(5,8), fetchnews and texpire, I
find nothing for mode, permission or mask.

Are there any reasons to not have the spool area readable? (If someone is
posting to news, I have no problem with the outgoing.messages being world

Anybody know what I should be looking for?  Is is a leafnode thing at all?
Or is it some bit of Unix-lore I've long forgotten?

fetchnews is being run via cron by news.  But I didn't see anything in the
cron/crontab man pages about setting the mode mask either.


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