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[leafnode-list] skipping after timeout_long days

I'm seeing an odd behaviour with 2.0b8 and groups where there are occasional

The current example:
May  8 22:35:12 : gmane.emacs.xae: 1 articles fetched (to 83), 0 killed

didn't read the message last night... next morning

May  9 06:26:05 : skipping gmane.emacs.xae from now on: established group not read for "timeout_long" days after last article 

texpire runs (set to 10 days for that heirarchy) same as timeout_long
All but the new article deleted

Read the message this evening
ls -l /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/*xae*
-rw-rw-r--    1 news     news            0 May  9 19:04 /var/spool/news/interesting.groups/gmane.emacs.xae

leafnode says - aha! get initialfetch and it gets the articles it expired
this morning

Not sure if any of this is wrong behaviour but on a number of ocassions
I've seen the group being skipped followed shortly thereafter by a new item
appearing without my entering the group so it looks to me as if the new
item is provoking the decision to skip.  

It (leafnode) keeps checking on dormant groups ( a benefit of 2.0) but the
moment a group ceases to be dormant it gets killed off, am I missing some
cofiguration variable or do you need to leap in very fast and read the new
item to avoid the above cycle?

Robert Marshall

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