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Re: [leafnode-list] Question

Fulvio schrieb am Freitag, den 10. Mai 2002:

> So here I'm. I've installed leafnode 1.9.22 and whatever I've tried to set up 
> for filtering and reject undesired post, fetchnews doesn't act as expected.
> I mean that I'd like to avoid downloading certain post according sender or 
> subject within certain newsgroup.
> I've read several docs about the use of filter, but until now I've recorded 
> no killed incoming post.

Would you mind to show your filterfile and relevant parts of your config
file? Does your config file mention the filterfile? Maybe there's a
small typo some other pair of eyeballs can easily find.

> Since leafnode is used only for personal offline reading (as many other user 
> do) I'm not caring to get less post, but those I really want to.
> I'm supposing only that the only method to remove unwanted post is to launch 
> Applyfilter, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. Mainly because of 
> my limited bandwidth on a modem V90.

Does your upstream server know the "XOVER" command? (The log should
reveal if leafnode falls back to XHDR otherwise.)

> I've tried grepping with the same pattern in my /var/spool/news with positive 
> results, but fetchnews doesn'?t. I suspect that cannot apply complex filter 
> such as multiline 'grepping', therefore let me suggest to use separate filter 
> for each newsgroup.

1. leafnode uses perl-compatible regular expressions
2. multiline matching is not provided for
3. the body is not matched against when filtering, just the header

> A couple of thing:
>    why cannot fetchnews do multithread download, maybe one thread each 
> newsgroup?

It had never been designed for such things. Leafnode 2 developer
versions (which are not ready for production yet) try to do some
pipelining to get news 

>   I was launching fetchnews on a BASH script, but wathever I've probed, it 
> doesn't  return any value if it fail to complete the task. Is it that true, 
> or I've missed something?

Indeed, fetchnews only returns a value other than 0 if it fails to start
up (like: configuration file missing), but once it has tried to contact
a server, the return value is always zero. Sorry for that, I'll see if I
can fix things for 1.9.23.

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