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Re: [leafnode-list] Question

Fulvio schrieb am Freitag, den 17. Mai 2002:

> Here is my latest  /etc/leafnode/filters:
> =======================================================
> ^Subject:.+"REGOLE BASE DI"
> (?im)^subject:.+"internet explorer" ^newsgroups:.*it\.comp\.os\.win\.win9x
> (?im)^subject:.+"outlook" ^newsgroups:.*it\.comp\.os\.win\.win9x
> =======================================================

Looks OK, although leafnode sets the PCRE_MULTILINE (?m) option itself.
However, the sad thing is: with leafnode-1, you cannot match multiple
items at once, because leafnode is not passing in the entire header, but
just a single line at once. So:

(?im)^subject:.+"internet explorer" ^newsgroups:.*it\.comp\.os\.win\.win9x

Won't work. I am aware that this is a severe limitation in leafnode-1.9,
but I don't want to change in 1.9 because I don't want all users to
change their filterfiles (and actually, I don't want new features in

Also, while I'm not too acquainted with PCRE, I'm not sure the above
Regexp (the whole line is a single regexp) will work at all. In the best
case, it depends on a trailing whitespace after explorer" and that the
Newsgroup: header comes after the Subject: header, not before.

> > Does your upstream server know the "XOVER" command? (The log should
> > reveal if leafnode falls back to XHDR otherwise.)
> How do I find it into the log?

Hum... my thinko.
When you run fetchnews in verbose mode (at least one -v on the command
line), it will print "XOVER failed, trying XHDR" to the console. When 
debugmode is 1 or higher (debugmode = 1 in the config file) you will
also see ">XHDR" lines in the news log, if these are missing in
debugmode, you see ONLY >XOVER.

> Well I was expecting to filter from the headers referring to certain criteria 
> and then allow or deny the body download.


> Could be an idea if fetchnews can return different values according to the 
> meaning of the downloading process. At the moment I can only think about 
> failed connections, timeouts and message lists out of order.

Yes, but how do you treat setups with multiple upstream? Return error
when any one server fails? Return error only when all servers fail at
the same time?

> I was thinking about to write a BASH script to do a sort of killfile which 
> will add line on the filter file in conjuntion with Klipper, but I couldn' t 
> get even better for what actually it filter. Definitely might be a mistake of 
> mine therefore forgive my disappointment about filtering, I'll try to get how 
> to do efficient filtering.

I think leafnode-1.9.22 filtering is not powerful enough, sorry.

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