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Re: [leafnode-list] Question

Alle 21:18, ven 17 maggio 2002, hai scritto:

> (?im)^subject:.+"internet explorer" ^newsgroups:.*it\.comp\.os\.win\.win9x
> Won't work. I am aware that this is a severe limitation in leafnode-1.9,

Well, let it be, I' m pretending anyting more than understanding whether 
there's my mistakes or none.

> When you run fetchnews in verbose mode (at least one -v on the command
> line), it will print "XOVER failed, trying XHDR" to the console. When
> debugmode is 1 or higher (debugmode = 1 in the config file) you will
Thank you, I'll take a look.

> > Could be an idea if fetchnews can return different values according to
> Yes, but how do you treat setups with multiple upstream? Return error
> when any one server fails? Return error only when all servers fail at
> the same time?

Ooops, I didn't go so far :-) I was only expecting a single failure.
But it can be addressed using the first lowest bit for error (15 case of 
them) and the remaing 28 bits to point at one of the server in the config 
list, assuming to use a long word.

> I think leafnode-1.9.22 filtering is not powerful enough, sorry.

Alright, I'll keep up as it is, hoping for a better new version :-)
If I'll get acquainted with C programming I'll try some hacking on my own. 
But don't expect that happen so soon :-)

Thank you, again

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