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Re: [leafnode-list] Question

Fulvio schrieb am Freitag, den 17. Mai 2002:

> Ooops, I didn't go so far :-) I was only expecting a single failure.
> But it can be addressed using the first lowest bit for error (15 case of 
> them) and the remaing 28 bits to point at one of the server in the config 
> list, assuming to use a long word.

That's pretty much outside the common use, 7 bit is as much as we can
get, and pointing the exit code into the config file is probably not
very helpful for the caller. You don't do bit operations conveniently in
a shell.

> > I think leafnode-1.9.22 filtering is not powerful enough, sorry.
> Alright, I'll keep up as it is, hoping for a better new version :-)

2.0 beta is on the way there, but I cannot recommend that for production
right now, and you cannot switch back to 1.9 when you have 2.0.

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