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[leafnode-list] filterfile - multiline pcre

I use leafnode-1.9.19 (PLD linux distribution) and pcre-3.9 (what other 
informations you need ?).

I was trying to filter out posts to pl.comp.os.linux send by Outlook 
users. This is my way (from /etc/leafnode/filterfile:)

(?m)^Newsgroups: pl.comp.os.linux$ ^X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook.*$

also tried:

(?m)Newsgroups: pl.comp.os.linux X-Newsreader: Microsoft.*

This sadly doesn't seem to work. (Maybe pcre is not correct?).

Filterfile works well with simple regexps like:
^From: .*looser.*
How can I make multiline pcre to work with leafnode?
Maybe there's some way to have separate filterfiles for each group ?
I'm not a programer so I don't really understand leafnode code. I was 
looking on fetchnews.c though and it seems to me, that article is passed 
line by line to dofilter(). That would make it impossible to have 
multiline pcre, would it ? (Just guessing here).

Any info, including definite answer "can't be done" would be helpful.
Thank you in advance for any help or information.

PS: really need to do this with leafnode, not with clients.
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