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RE: [leafnode-list] New 2.0 snapshot (alpha, 2.0b8_ma10pre3.2) av

Successfully installed on a vanilla RedHat 7.2 system.  A 2.0b8 news
spool with local groups only was copied over to the new installation.
texpire -r used, and local.groups edited to change the field delimiter
to TAB, and to insert the status field.

Local news groups seem to function properly.  I have not hammered on
the installation, but, since the ma tree was in existance when bugs 
I had with 2.0b8 were worked out, I feel quite confident.


I may be the only person in the world who does this, but, the local
groups feature is highly useful for permanently archiving wisdom
in the work place.  Because of this, we never expire old messages.
We don't bother using leafnode with usenet news as there is no
need for us to duplicate the functionality of a news provider.

Since I had to run texpire -r to fix the message spool, the setting
of expire in /etc/leafnode/config mattered.  I was hoping that expire = 0
would cause it to not expire messages.  It appears that expire = 0 throws
all messages away.  Does it make sense to make texpire -r NOT expire 
messages, but only repair the things it repairs? I've been told that I
should run texpire periodically even though I never want texpire to 
delete anything off my news server (literally - never).  Or, is 
there a way to do it some other way.

It would be nice to see this information given in the config file comments,
and also valid numeric range.  I could set it to the maximum number of days
also if that were documented, I suppose, though that is still not what seems

Kevin R. Bulgrien, Engineer

Vertex RSI, A TriPoint Global Company         http://www.tripointglobal.com/
Controls & Structures Division 
1915 Harrison Road                                    Tel: 903-295-1480 x288
Longview, TX 75604-5438                               Fax: 903-295-1479

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> Subject: [leafnode-list] New 2.0 snapshot (alpha, 2.0b8_ma10pre3.2)
> available
> Hello,
> I just released another alpha-quality snapshot of the 2.0b series. It
> bears the version 2.0b8_ma10pre3.2. The version string is extremely
> ugly, and there will be no 2.0b8_ma10pre4, but it will be 
> 2.0b9 instead.
> Anyhow, one month after the last snapshot, here's a new one. Not
> extensively tested, please send feedback if anything is broken.

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