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Re: [leafnode-list] Stopping User Posting?

"Charlie Grosvenor" <charliemail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 	Is it possible to stop users from posting to newsgroups and make
> it so they can only browse? If so how can I do so, I am using leafnode
> leafnode-1.9.19.

leafnode 1.9 does not currently support this.

If you're daring, you can try the latest 2.0beta, but there is no way
back to 1.9 without leaving the whole spool. http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/beta/

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> Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.gr*s*ft.c*m).
> Version: 6.0.370 / Virus Database: 205 - Release Date: 05/06/2002

And please stop this insensitive advertising crap. I'm not interested in
what color your company's toilet is. Neither are others, and if they
are, they can ask directly, off-list.

Matthias Andree

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