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RE: [leafnode-list] Stopping User Posting?

Be fair! He is not advertising _his_ company.  AVG is free AV software for
Windows.  This is AVG advertising itself via his email.

If you switch on its Outlook plug-in, it adds this message to every outgoing
mail, and a similar one to every incoming mail.  It is impossible to turn it
off, without turning off mail scanning (except, perhaps, paying for the full

Surely you have seen company mails with the "MessageLabs" tag on the end,
certifying that the message has been checked by MessageLabs managed AV
service for viruses?  That is AV outsourcing and employees have no control
over that.  And what about Hotmail/Hushmail/Yahoo et al who add on tags to
the end of messages advertising their service?  You can't turn off those

You may not like this kind if thing, but I am afraid we just have to live
with it.

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> > ---
> > Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
> > Checked by AVG anti-virus system (http://www.gr*s*ft.c*m).
> > Version: 6.0.370 / Virus Database: 205 - Release Date: 05/06/2002
> And please stop this insensitive advertising crap. I'm not interested in
> what color your company's toilet is. Neither are others, and if they
> are, they can ask directly, off-list.

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