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Re: [leafnode-list] Feature Request - Flag for a Posting Host

"William Hooper" <whooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In 1.9.20 Leafnode was changed so that only the first host gets any articles
> posted to it (moderated groups as the reason).  My situation is that I have
> a SSLLOOWW upstream host (Earthlink) as the only one that I have posting
> permission on.  I have some other read only hosts that I would prefer to put
> first in the config file, because they reduce my fetch time quite a bit.  So
> my thought is having another line in the config file to mark one host as the
> "Posting Host" so that I could have the best of both worlds (post and fast
> downloads).  I just don't see myself remembering to flip the hosts around in
> my config file before I try to post every time.

That should not be necessary, however the "fast" server (that you don't
have posting permission on) should greet you with a 201 line. Just try
"telnet your.server.example.com 119", look at the first number it
writes, then enter "quit" and press the [enter] key.

What happens if you swap the configuration line sets for your hosts,
putting the fast one first, then earthlink?

In any case, leafnode 1.9.23 will allow you to declare "nopost" for a
server that you do not ever want your postings sent to. Note that 1.9.23
is not yet released. That way, you could in any case list your
"fast-download" server first like this:

server = fast.example.com
nopost = 1

server = post-allowed.example.com

All postings would go to post-allowed.example.com.

Matthias Andree

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