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RE: [leafnode-list] Strange unprecedented subscription

AFAIK, "create_all_links = 1" should NOT by itself cause a group to be
fetched in its entirety.  Any articles that are cross-posted would cause
that group to be created in the spool and a link made to the article in
the Message-ID database, but that's it.  Only that particular article 
would be fetched.  (As well as any others that are cross-posted, of 

In fact, "create_all_links = 1" should never result in even one more 
message being fetched than "create_all_links = 0".  The only difference is 
that with "create_all_links = 1" a link is created in each group the 
article is cross posted to.  

"create_all_links = 1" will not cause any group to be added to the fetch
list.  The only way for that to happen is if that group appears in as a
file "interesting.groups".  The only way THAT is supposed to happen is if
someone attempts to access the group via their newsreader, or if you
manually create the file yourself.


On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Jeff Grossman wrote:

> What version of Leafnode are you running?  Do you happen to have
> "Create_all_links" set in your config with a 1?  If so, change it to a
> 0.
> Jeff

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