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Re: [leafnode-list] Strange unprecedented subscription

On Thursday 27 June 2002 12:06 am, you wrote:
> Hi
> I use Fetchnews with Knode quite successfully. Just started exploring with
> verbosity settings and a strange occurrence is happening. It has happened
> on 2 separate occasions now. I have mysteriously been subscribing to
> 24hoursupport. Knode is not effected, just leafnode. I know how to remove
> it immedietly, so that is not the problem, but i dont know where the
> subscription is coming from. I just find it annoying when i start fetchnews
> and come back seeing it has not downloaded any of my newsgroups because it
> is downloading 13000 24hour support messages.
> Can anyone suggest anything? Sorry for the vague question but i checked my
> settings and cannot find it mentioned anywhere.


I sent messages in reply yo this thread but have not seen them appear. so 
consider this a test

Phil Deane

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