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[leafnode-list] I RTFM and STFW but still dont know what a FQDN is

Hi Folks

I tried to upgrade to 1.9.22 and tried to run fetchnews but it said i needed a 
fully qualified domain name. I searched google read the manuals, but nothing 
seemed to help me. In my /etc/hosts file is the line localhost.localdomain localhost

Certain pages seemed to suggest putting a . at the end of the ip address, 
which i tried in front of each in different combinations but neither worked, 
so i gave up and went back to 1.9.19.

Can anyone advise what i should be doing correctly. No web page give a 
definitive answer, I was even looked at a howto for leafnode and slrn which 
suggested putting the server address in the config file, but I dont know 
which address to put in.

Any advice or pointers to the right docs would be appreciated 

Phil Deane

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