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Re: [leafnode-list] I RTFM and STFW but still dont know what a FQDN

Phil Deane <phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi Folks
> I tried to upgrade to 1.9.22 and tried to run fetchnews but it said i
> needed a fully qualified domain name. I searched google read the
> manuals, but nothing seemed to help me. In my /etc/hosts file is the
> line localhost.localdomain localhost

Probably leafnode will not even look at this line, unless the command
"hostname" yields "localhost" or "localhost.localdomain".

Anyhow, that's not a globally unique domain name, but one that's very
common, which invites problems of the "cannot post article, leafnode
tells me it's already available upstream" kind.

Please use a real host name. Your provider or news master may offer
one. All users of news.cis.dfn.de can use the
ID-<mumble>.news.dfncis.de, where <mumble> must be replaced by your UID.

If you have a web domain registered, and you are the admin in charge for
that domain, assign yourself a FQDN below that domain (but only use that
for one computer!). Assume your domain is example.com, then assign
yourself e. g. hermes.news.example.com as FQDN. It need not be
registered in DNS if you configure it in leafnode's config, you only
need to make sure it's unique.

Registering one of the free subdomains below yi.org or dynodns.net or
myip.org and than using that is also fine.

Again, the most important thing is that the FQDN is only used for one
computer throughout the whole world.

Matthias Andree

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