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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode.spec-file provided with actual leafnode-packages

Andreas Muck schrieb am Dienstag, den 30. April 2002:

> actual releases of leafnode contain a predefined leafnode.spec-file for
> package-building on rpm-based systems. I think this is a very
> user-friendly sign and should be done with more freely-distributed
> software. But after all there are some minor changes needed for proper
> package-building:
> (1)	leafnode-tar-balls should be named
> 	leafnode-[version-no.].rel.tar.bz2 instead of
> 	leafnode-[version-no.].tar.bz2 because leafnode.spec contains a
> 	Version-tag in format 'leafnode-[version-no.].rel' and the tar-ball
> 	extracts to ./leafnode-[version-no.].rel/. Package-building doesn't
> 	work with actual-releases from scratch when the source is named
> 	leafnode-[version-no.].tar.bz2.


> (2)	The following diff is necessary to incorporate for proper working of
> 	the resulting package. I will put comments after #:
> # leafnode-packages use bz2-compression, that's why a source named
> # *.tar.gz cannot work:
> 11c11
> < Source: ftp://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/pub/leafnode-%version.tar.gz
> ---
> > Source: ftp://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/pub/leafnode-%version.tar.bz2

Well, how do you do this when you provide .tar.bz2 AND .tar.gz? Either
one will break.

For now, take the .tar.gz file to use rpm -ta.

> # Permissions of some files should be changed so that members of group
> # news are able to undertake administrative tasks (run fetchnews and
> # texpire):
> 47c47
> < %attr(640,root,root) %confdir/config.example
> ---
> > %attr(640,root,news) %confdir/config.example
> 50c50
> < %defattr(750,root,root)
> ---
> > %defattr(750,root,news)

Similar change has been made. Please always send unified or context diff
(diff -u or diff -c), never "ed" diffs.

Thanks for reporting this.

Oh, BTW: http://dict.leo.org/?search=actual


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