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[leafnode-list] leafnode 1.9.23.rc1 "bug shootdown" edition now available

(Bcc'd to Debian and SuSE leafnode maintainers.)


ANNOUNCEMENT: Leafnode release candidate

The first release *candidate* of leafnode 1.9.23 is now availble. This
release is to fix important bugs and small annoyances, some of which
have been present in every leafnode version released so far.

leafnode-1.9.23.rc1 should be considered production quality, but watch
the INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES sections of the NEWS file as well as the
UPGRADING sections in the README file for upgrade instructions.

A special thank you goes to Ralf Wildenhues for his important bug
reports, code validation and fixes. Without him, leafnode 1.9 would not
be as good as it is now.

My apologies go to those who are struck by the incompatible changes, but
these have been unavoidable in some cases to fix bugs.

DOWNLOAD: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/

leafnode 1.9.23.rc1 is available for HTTP download in .tar.gz and
tar.bz2 formats from http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/

At that site, you will also find the full ChangeLog and cryptographic
GnuPG signatures for the tarballs.

SHA1 checksums: (If you don't have sha1sum, get GNU textutils.)
58a69c0029b241e23313780779e4ddaee4a9e61a  leafnode-1.9.23.rc1.tar.bz2
7537aa4668afcc969e5487eb2bb3dd04a38332ae  leafnode-1.9.23.rc1.tar.gz

MD5 checksums: (If you don't have md5sum, get GNU textutils.)
0ffc0a023860e9f0c1833c1f420b7802  leafnode-1.9.23.rc1.tar.bz2
10beb3b6798a4d3e5948a9dc445b390a  leafnode-1.9.23.rc1.tar.gz

The .tar.gz tarball is suitable for direct transformation into an RPM by
means of "rpm -ta leafnode-1.9.23.rc1.tar.gz". This does not currently
work with the .tar.bz2.


1- leafnode 1.9.19 and older are known to have several critical bugs
   that lead to crashes or corrupt data, or that make leafnode unable to
   post and lose postings, particularly with older NewsCache upstreams.
   Most of these bugs have been addressed in leafnode 1.9.20, and all
   known have been fixed until leafnode 1.9.23.rc1. The remaining known
   bugs are considered non-critical. No-one should use a leafnode
   version older than 1.9.20 by any means.

2- Effective immediately, support for leafnode 1.9.21 (yes indeed,
   that's the latest stable release) and older is discontinued. Bug
   reports will only be accepted if there is evidence that the bug
   persists in newer versions.

3- Support for leafnode 1.9.22 will be discontinued the day 1.9.23 will
   be released.


I ask all distributors to run all their regression and integration tests
on leafnode 1.9.23.rc1 and report all problems, flaws or inaccuracies in
the documentation, or other feedback of any kind.  Note that leafnode
1.9.20 and newer will need a unique fully-qualified domain name to work,
preferably in /etc/hosts or DNS, as fallback in the leafnode "config"
file. This constraint should not hinder unattended installs, but should
you have configuration tools for leafnode (linuxconf, SuSEconfig, ...)
do make sure that these tools can query the FQDN that the machine should
use. This FQDN must be _globally_ unique.  If this too strong a
contraint for you, please let me know so we can work out an alternative
or a scheme to auto-generate a globally-unique FQDN for the Message-IDs.

NEWS: What has changed since leafnode 1.9.22? 
(The full NEWS file is at the download location and in the tarballs.)

* 1.9.23, 2002-xx-xx


o If you update to 1.9.23 and have articles in your out.going queue, fetchnews
  will no longer post these. To fix, do: chmod u+x /var/spool/news/out.going/*

o Access from outside the local networks (as figured from IP and netmasks of the
  local interfaces) is now denied by default. To restore the old behaviour,
  check README and config.example for a new option "allowstrangers" and how to
  enable it. Read config.example closely! Using this is deliberately difficult.

o When a client posts, syntax and semantics of the Message-ID header are
  checked. These tests are essential to avoid Message-ID collisions. You can
  still switch off Message-ID generation in your news reader and let leafnode
  generate a Message-ID.

o Spooldir may only contain characters from the POSIX portable path name
  character set. These are: the small and capital latin letters a through z, the
  ten digits 0 through 9 and the individual characters ".", "-", "_", "/".

### KNOWN BUGS (pertain to all 1.9.X versions of leafnode)

o Requesting pseudo articles by message-id is currently broken. request
  them by their article number instead.

o Leafnode does not handle embedded NUL characters in news correctly.


o The README now contains a new section "DEBUGGING".
o The INSTALL file now has an xinetd config example.
o The FQDN "linux.local" is now also rejected.
o Fetchnews will no longer try to post articles that nntpd is still receiving.
o Bugfixes, compile warnings fixed, memory leaks fixes, possible crashes fixed.
o Treating folded headers has improved.

o There is now documentation on the fully-qualified domain name issue, in text,
  pod and HTML format. See the README.FQDN* files.

o There is a new configuration option: "nopost" (server-specific). Set
  "nopost=1" just below the server line to avoid posting to the server in

o Article number treatment has improved. This should fix "pseudo article not
  displayed" issues for good.

o Most leafnode programs no longer see incomplete lines. Incomplete lines are
  lines without trailing LF character.

o When a leafnode program recreates a directory in the spool dir, the owner is
  now properly set to "news".

### fetchnews

o Fetchnews now filters on original header lines, rather than regenerated lines.

o Will exit with code 2 when it could not connect to at least one upstream

### nntpd

o The client timeout is now configurable, patch courtesy of Jonathan Larmour.
o No longer confuse clients with "400 Service discontinued" messages on timeout.

o Posts with 8-bit or control data in headers or malformatted
  headers are now rejected. These articles are malformatted. (illegal!)
  Only broken newsreaders generate such headers.

o Better logging when groups are subscribed to; set debugmode = 1 in
  your config file to enable, and look for "markinterest:" in the log.

### texpire

o Expire groups that are not in the group.info. (This will happen when news
  groups are removed upstream and the active file is re-fetched.)

o Set groupexpire for a particular group to -1 to let texpire ignore it.  Think
  of this as an archive function. Patch courtesy of Andreas Meininger.

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Matthias Andree
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