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Re: [leafnode-list] Ambigous Message-ID

Andreas Muck wrote:
> by checking some of my last postings I saw that my system produces
> Message-ID's like:
> Message-ID: <nqc2fa.3pa.ln@localhost>
> I think @localhost is not that what it should be, right?

You are right.

> I'm not sure which software produces that Message-ID, but because of the
> *.ln@* I think it's leafnode.

That's correct.

> What to do to correct this behaviour?

Read http://www.leafnode.org/faq.html#17 and
http://www.qad.org/faq/faq-messageid.html (which is in German but from
your email address I guess this will not be a problem for you; if
anyone knows of a similar document in English please email me the URL).


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