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Re: [leafnode-list] Ambigous Message-ID

Sorry, I hosed the first patch. Please try this one instead.

(If you need to back out the first patch, use "patch -p1 -R </old/patch"
then "patch -p1 </new/patch" to apply the new one.)

Andreas Muck <fam.muck@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> by checking some of my last postings I saw that my system produces
> Message-ID's like:
> Message-ID: <nqc2fa.3pa.ln@localhost>
> I think @localhost is not that what it should be, right?

You're correct. There's a bug in nntpd which is fixed in leafnode
1.9.23.rc2 that cannot easily be worked around on your configuration.

Thanks for the bug report.

As 1.9.23.rc2 is not yet in the wild, here's a quick fix for leafnode
1.9.22 users. To apply:

1. save the body of this mail
2. unpack the leafnode-1.9.22.rel tarball
3. cd to the leafnode-1.9.22.rel directory
4. patch -p1 </where/you/saved/this/mail/in/step/1
5. configure, compile and install as usual

Index: leafnode-1/nntpd.c
diff -u leafnode-1/nntpd.c:1.28 leafnode-1/nntpd.c:
--- leafnode-1/nntpd.c:1.28	Wed Apr 17 21:41:43 2002
+++ leafnode-1/nntpd.c	Tue Jul  2 13:08:47 2002
@@ -1525,12 +1525,14 @@
     char peerip[ADDRLEN];
     char ownip[ADDRLEN];
+    char origfqdn[FQDNLEN + 1] = "";
     (void)argc;			/* quiet compiler warning */
     if (!initvars(argv[0], 1))
+    strcpy(origfqdn, fqdn);
     artno = 0;
     verbose = 0;
@@ -1577,8 +1579,8 @@
 	strcpy(ownip, "no IP");
-    printf("200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version %s running at %s\r\n",
-	   version, fqdn);
+    printf("200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version %s running at %s (%s)\r\n",
+	   version, fqdn, origfqdn);
     /* get remote name */
@@ -1622,8 +1624,10 @@
-    syslog(LOG_INFO, "connect from %s (%s) to %s (%s)", peername, peerip, fqdn, ownip);
+    syslog(LOG_INFO, "connect from %s (%s) to %s (%s) (my fqdn: %s)", peername, peerip, fqdn, ownip, origfqdn);
     pseudogroup = FALSE;
+    strcpy(fqdn, origfqdn);

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