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[leafnode-list] leafnode 1.9.23.rc2 now available -- fixes critical bugs


ANNOUNCEMENT: Leafnode release candidate -- CRITICAL FIXES HERE

The second release *candidate* of leafnode 1.9.23 is now availble. This
release is to fix important and long-standing bugs.

leafnode-1.9.23.rc2 is production quality, but watch:

1- the INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES sections of the NEWS file
2- the UPGRADING sections in the README file

for upgrade instructions.

Leafnode 1.9.23 is a CRITICAL upgrade. There is no excuse for not
updating, it fixes critical (data munching) and long-standing bugs.

Please run all your pre-update test suites and send feedback if you need
things changed.

Note: no support will be available from July, 20 until approx. four
weeks later. ACT NOW!

The fixes against .rc1 deal with the NEWGROUPS command which should
finally work now (it never did...) and the creation of Message-IDs in
nntpd.c. Finally, it updates the documentation.

DOWNLOAD: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/

SHA1 checksums: (If you don't have sha1sum, get GNU textutils.)
3879b3d03a99b9f1ba901006593bec2dec2370eb  leafnode-1.9.23.rc2.tar.bz2
4392ba9810b1490b8a4e6be1a4ce6e761c508bde  leafnode-1.9.23.rc2.tar.gz

MD5 checksums: (If you don't have md5sum, get GNU textutils.)
11660057076dce7df2e955e5fad8931d  leafnode-1.9.23.rc2.tar.bz2
a551e25398201918200174f9fa19ff82  leafnode-1.9.23.rc2.tar.gz

The .tar.gz tarball (NOT .tar.bz2) is suitable for direct transformation
into an RPM by means of "rpm -ta leafnode-1.9.23.rc2.tar.gz".


1- leafnode 1.9.19 and older are known to have several critical bugs
   that lead to crashes or corrupt data, or that make leafnode unable to
   post and lose postings, particularly with older NewsCache upstreams.

   leafnode 1.9.23 is to fix all critical known bugs, and several very
   long standing ("non-interesting groups/groups outside active not
   expired", "NEWGROUP not working properly") are among them. Please do
   try the latest release candidate.

2- Effective immediately, support for leafnode 1.9.22 (yes indeed,
   that's the latest stable release) and older is discontinued. Bug
   reports will only be accepted if there is evidence that the bug
   persists in newer versions. I cannot afford the time to maintain old
   and new versions at the same time.

- -- 
Matthias Andree

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