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[leafnode-list] some strange output

I'm working on a few tools and as of a result, abusing leafnode a bit.

I just noticed the following odd errors:

store: cannot link /var/spool/news/temp.files/store_XXXXHrMJ6B to /var/spool/news/message.id/067/<5378778@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: File exists
Could not store /var/spool/news/in.coming/12908-1026096187-1469: "OS trouble: %m", moving to /var/spool/news/failed.postings/
cannot move /var/spool/news/in.coming/12908-1026096187-1469 to /failed.postings/: No such file or directory

The first is that the %m is not being interpreted.  Probably not what is

Second is why /failed.postings/ rather than /var/spool/news/failed.postings
(no wonder it can't move :-)

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