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RE: [leafnode-list] fetchnews in parallel?

> > Thrashing contention is considerable.
> I don't get the meaning here :( You mean data corruption? or loss of
> articles?

Thrashing can mean this:

Hard drive heads can only be in one place at a time...  If all four of
your pipes are physically located, say, one to the center, one to the
outside edge, and two scattered in the middle of a platter surface, the
heads spend more time travelling back and forth than they do reading or
writing.  You would probably hear the drive chattering away in this 

Of course for this to be truly a problem, the incoming data
would have to be coming in faster than the drive can handle.

The concept is the same for other data transfer constructs.  You
can thrash many different kinds of resources that are shared between
multiple tasks.  If a single task is the traffic signal for all
similar operations, then an inordinately large number of sub-tasks
can stuff up the works in much the same way as automobiles get 
stuffed up at intersections during rush hour.

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