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RE: [leafnode-list] Web administration - leafwa [dev]

I am amenable to being added to a developer list for LeafWA whereever it is
set up.  Thank-you Mattias for the offer regarding SF / leafnode.  At the
same time, I will say that it doesn't hurt my feelings to just pass along
work to someone else - though I guarantee that I will be more likely to
contribute if I can at least CVS update from the repository.  I will only
be working on local group management because that is what we use here at
"the office", and very likely I will not be feature-creeping things, but
only adding what we find useful.

I am not biased about where the code should reside, but I am VERY biased on
the issue of CVS.  Phil and I had a rough time integrating our efforts since
he didn't use CVS.  I still have experimental code that is dying on the
vine because he chose to modify some of the code I submitted, and I just
didn't take the time to pick through it and integrate our fork.  Had I
been a bit more active, I would have CVS'd the effort locally even if he
didn't use it.  (I've never used SF for CVS before though I do use CVS

Also, while I have not actively modified Leafwa in a while, every week hurts
that goes by with local groups management not updated.  I can see myself
working on it shortly.  We really miss the functionality since I upgraded
from the original leafnode2.0b?, and I've mucked up the local messages now
and then by my manual fiddling (you always forget something).

I will add that I'm quite in-experienced in dealing with security issues as
they relate to scripted stuff.  Depending on how people feel, this might be
where someone would prefer to look at the stuff I do and make suggestions.
I am certainly willing to learn since I have a lot of scripting experience.

Kevin R. Bulgrien, Product Engineer

Vertex RSI, A TriPoint Global Company         http://www.tripointglobal.com/
Controls & Structures Division 
1915 Harrison Road                                    Tel: 903-295-1480 x288
Longview, TX 75604-5438                               Fax: 903-295-1479

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> Andy Piper schrieb am Dienstag, den 08. Oktober 2002:
> > The web part would want to be a separate physical package though 
> > - no point in shipping it in the leafnode tarball. Easy enough 
> > to do with a CVS module and some bug categories.
> If we do this, then you can just as well set up your own SF 
> project, if
> you don't mind. We can continue on this list for discussion or maybe
> set up a leafnode-developers list for communication if the traffic
> increases, or, alternatively, try to tag devel postings with [dev] in
> the Subject.

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