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[leafnode-list] Fetchnews Error

I just ran Fetchnews today, and received this error.  Any ideas?

[jeff@apple jeff]$ fetchnews -Pvvvv
fetchnews mode: post articles
found 0 articles in in.coming.
news.la.sbcglobal.net: connecting to port nntp
  trying:    address port 119...
  connected: address port 119.
news.la.sbcglobal.net: connected (200), banner: "200 Powered by Twister
2.0 -- h
ttp://www.highwinds-software.com/ (Twister v2.0.0)"
found 1 articles in out.going.
Posting /var/spool/news/out.going/29823-1039292429-1
findgroup("microsoft.public.outlook.general") called without prior

I then ran it again and it ran fine.  The article was posted to the
upstream server during this failed fetchnews run.


p.s.  This was with version 2.0-021108a.

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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