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Re: [leafnode-list] different MD5Sum's of current leafnode

Malte Gell <malte_gell@xxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> I just got the current version 1.9.32 via www.leafnode.org, to be 
> precise, from the following URL via www.leafnode.org:
> ftp://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/pub/leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.gz
> But this version has a different md5sum than in your announcement !!!
> [malte_gell@eingang] ~/src > md5sum leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.gz
> 8e24c817d299e047f6ad550740638b72  leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.gz
> In your announcement email:
>> MD5 checksums:
>> 1a612baf501a0d44ed0d003ce7a8a166 *leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.gz
> Can you explain this ?

Nope. I assume Cornelius downloaded the .tar.bz2 file, bunzip2ed and
gzipped it, and his gzip version is different from mine or he used
different argument or whatever, and in the end we had different time
stamps and his file had the file name while my had not, but only
Cornelius can say for sure.

You can check the gzip CRC, it should be 69035532...

$ gzip -vl leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.gz
method  crc     date  time           compressed        uncompressed  ratio uncompressed_name
defla 69035532 Jan  9 00:19              727920             2918400  75.0% leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar

(the above is from the original file I have).

..or you can rename the archive you downloaded to
leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.gz.toxi and apply this xdelta 1.1 patch (with
--pristine or -p) to fix the problem (uudecode before using):

Attachment Converted: "c:\programme\qualcomm\eudora\attach\leafnode-1.9.32.fix.xdelta"

To apply, run xdelta patch -p leafnode-1.9.32.fix.xdelta. Then you
should get the original version.

> btw, why don't you sign the packages with youe GnuPG/PGP key ?

There are GPG signatures, only Cornelius hasn't put them into the FTP
directory. The signatures are at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/leafnode/ (click "Files", only for the
tar.bz2) and the http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/ (for either) --
but again, it'll require the xdelta above.

Note you can try to rsync -avcP from one of the rsync sites to save
download time, particularly if you have a slow network link.

Matthias Andree
leafnode-1 download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/leafnode/
leafnode-1 docs/new: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/
leafnode-2 homepage: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/beta/

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