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Re: [leafnode-list] Reading and posting to different servers

On 2003.01.11 18:42:03, you,
 the extraordinary Dmitry Samersoff, opined:

> I have two upstream news servers
> one contains lots of groups but I have no posting permissions there
> Other one doesn't contain necessary groups but allow posting.
> Could I configure leafnode to read group from one server but post to it
> by another one ?

I think that if you include in your config file
something analogous to this:

server = newshub.ccs.yorku.ca
nopost = 1
server = news.dyndns.org
nopost = 0

	you will have what you want. Leafnode
will not try to post to a "nopost = 1" server,
if I have understood correctly.

Cheers, N.
Nollaig MacKenzie <nollaig@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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