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Re: [leafnode-list] noread patch (Reading and posting to different

Matthias Andree wrote:
Dmitry Samersoff <dsamersoff@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Is that anything not in leafnode-1.9.32?

Did you run fetchnews -f after upgrading? I don't think so.

Two times yes ;-))

Sorry, My english is not perfect. I try to describe my problem better:

First server: good link, no posting permissions

It contains group:

comp.unix.programmer msg 26000 - 36000

Another server, posting OK
more disk space, faster update from upstream,
but SLOW and EXPENSIVE link to me.

It contains:
comp.unix.programmer msg 15000 - 37000

Current behaviour:

Leafnode first fetchs msg 26000 - 36000 from server one,
then fetchs msg 15000 - msg 26 000 (it could be regulated by maxage)
and msg 36 000 -37 000 (it can't be regulated) from server two.

Expected behavioure:

Leafnode first fetchs msg 26000 - 36000 from server one, wait for anothe
fetchnews run and fetch msg 36000 - msg 37000 from server two. But still post all messages to server two.

To force it, I add noread flag to configuration:
 server = slowlink.example.com
 noread = 1

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