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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Please confirm your message

Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Exim allows to forward mail with special prefix or suffix to a program,
> that should get the job done, and the reverse path I'd have to code,
> it'd be a program that speaks qmail-queue on the input side and calls
> sendmail on the other side.

you could also simply let qmail deliver every email to a special user
(hint: look at extra.h in a pristine qmail-1.03, if at all
neccessary) through this users regular ~/.qmail file.  then qmail
forwards the email to the system running exim.  you could insert
qconfirm into this .qmail to verify that users exist.  they would
only have to do this once, of course.

calling sendmail from .qmail is also possible.

> Would Mailman 2.1 or ezmlm or ezmlm-idx be preferred? Who maintains
> ezmlm-idx nowadays?

mailman is a python thing, so if you grog python, it should serve us
fine.  personally i prefer plain exmlm over ezmlm-idx provided that
the list is mirrored/saved some place.  leafnode is mirrored at
gmane, so this is no problem, and gmane implemented searchable
indices some time ago.  ezmlm is all automatic, and unreachable users
receive a list with the message numbers they missed while
off-the-planet.  there's a ezmlm get command to retrieve them.

for any ezmlm questions you might want to have a look at:

Title:          EZFAQ-0.40 - Table of Contents
URL:            http://www.ezmlm.org/faq-0.40/index.html
Document Type:  text/html
Last Modified:  Fri Jun 30 17:39:38 2000

ezmlm is a concerted effort, i don't know right now if there is a
central maintainer or who this would be, but the fact that spammers
seem to go more and more for qmail/ezmlm speaks for the quality of
the software, doesn't it?  ;)


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