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[leafnode-list] (no subject)

Hello, I am running leafnode-1.9.30.rel on a linux box.
Sometimes I have this strange problem.  I run leafnode
it connects and downloads messages from other groups, then
it gets to a particular message and discconects.  I have
seen it on various groups.  It will stay like this
for a few days and then it seems to get better. But while
this is happening, I don't get any news from groups past
the one with the problem.

here is some output from "fetchnews -vvvv"
comp.unix.sco.misc: will fetch 120693
comp.unix.sco.misc: will fetch 120694
comp.unix.sco.misc: will fetch 120695
Disconnected from news.atnmail.com.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get past 
this problem?

Mike Ayers

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