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[leafnode-list] Fetching - problem

I'm trying to fetch one of the servers I was using in Mozilla.

But I can't - I'm stuck.

Wher I run fetchnews, the output is like this:

Trying to connect to support.atozedsoftware.com ... connected.
Getting all newsgroups from support.atozedsoftware.com
Read server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/support.atozedsoftware.com
atozed.intraweb.announcements: considering articles 1-281
atozed.intraweb.attachments: considering articles 1-126
atozed.intraweb.beta.v51: considering articles 1-1156
atozed.intraweb.browsers: considering articles 1-46
atozed.intraweb.cbuilder: considering articles 1-16
atozed.intraweb.components.using: considering articles 1-231
atozed.intraweb.components.writing: considering articles 1-67

So, I can see the newsgroups, I can see the articles, but I can't download them. Can anyone help me with this?

-- Lukasz Rzanek - konsultant @ BSC Polska tel. +48 (22) 864 14 65 wew.135

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